Control Your Weather Data

- Do you own a WiFi capable weather station that is uploading your weather data

to a weather network such as Weather Underground?


- Did you ever wish that you could store and access your weather data locally

but are unable to due to limitations in your weather station hardware?


- Do you have a website or web server that supports PHP or a PC or single board computer that runs 24/7 and that you want data logged to?


If you answered Yes to these questions then our ATMOCOM device should definitely interest you!


Scroll down and continue reading to find out more.


29 May 2019

We have released a PHP script that automates patching Weather34 Home Weather Station template, Cumulus edition, to work with ATMOCOM data. Enter a few lines of information about your website, click a button to patch, configure your HWS template -- and you're done! As always, this support script can be downloaded on our GitHub page:


03 May 2019

A first limited batch of ATMOCOM devices is now available on our web shop! Get it while it lasts!


25 April 2019

With beta tests now completed we have been working hard to get the first limited batch of early production ATMOCOM devices ready for sale. Each unit comes in a form fitted, laser cut plastic box 49x38x19 mm (WxLxH) in translucent white color which allows the status and traffic LED light through. The front panel, where the USB power receptacle and multi-function push button are located, is black. Below is a size comparison with a Casio watch.



Firmware onboard these devices is the latest revision 0x2E708 which includes minor bug fixes and features a new embedded web browser configuration page to facilitate configuring via mobile phone, tablet and PC. Telnet is of course still available for those who prefer old school text input command line configuration.



In the next few days we expect to send out notifications to those who have emailed us and shown interest in obtaining a device.


15 January 2019

Beta tests on user systems in Europe and North America are underway, please check back soon for updates.


September 20 2018

Beta test program is now open! Join the test program, get a free ATMOCOM beta unit and only pay shipping costs (approx. 10 Euros) to get it delivered. Everyone in Europe and North America that owns and operates a WiFi enabled weather station that can upload to Weather Underground are eligible to apply. Only 4 ATMOCOM beta units left. Apply by contacting us and describe your Internet and weather station setup.


5 September 2018

First production circuit boards assembled and tested. The new PCB footprint with its 42.5x33.5 mm is 26% smaller than the beta units PCB's 47.9x40.1 mm


26 August 2018

5 ATMOCOM beta test devices assembled and put in laser cut black plastic enclosures, pre-ship tested and ready to go out after vacation.


18 August 2018

Firmware revision 0x2C253 tested for several weeks and deemed production stable