Control Your Weather Data

- Do you own a WiFi capable weather station that is uploading your weather data

to a weather network such as Weather Underground?


- Did you ever wish that you could store and access your weather data locally

but are unable to due to limitations in your weather station hardware?


- Do you have a website or web server that supports PHP or a PC or single board computer that runs 24/7 and that you want data logged to?


If you answered Yes to these questions then our ATMOCOM device should definitely interest you!


Scroll down and continue reading to find out more.

Extend your WiFi Weather Station capabilities with ATMOCOM

By adding the ATMOCOM device into the mix you can have real-time local storage of your weather data on your website,  web server or single board computer such as Raspberry PI. Thousands of weather stations that were previously restricted to uploading weather data only to commercial weather networks can now have the data stored and accessed locally, under full control of the owner.


A limited first run batch is now available on our web shop. Go here and get your device while we still have it in stock.

What is this ATMOCOM thing you speak of?

ATMOCOM is a low cost, small form factor special purpose WiFi device with a dimension not larger than a matchbox. Instead of connecting your WiFi weather station directly to your Internet router you connect it to ATMOCOM which in turn is linked to a WiFi Internet router of your choice.



Current weather data collected by your weather station that is uploaded via ATMOCOM will seamlessly be forwarded to its original destination, for example Weather Underground. But here we introduce some magic! The network traffic passing through ATMOCOM is also simultaneously re-transmitted to a user configurable URL on the Internet, and/or via UDP broadcast protocol on the local network to a computer on your wireless network.


Our custom PHP and Python scripts (included) can now log the data in zero-configuration, monthly SQLite3 database archives and consequently enable you to have full access to your data anytime, without restrictions or requiring third-party  API keys or licenses.

What you get

  • The physical ATMOCOM device.
  • Downloadable comprehensive user manual describing all aspects of configuring and operating ATMOCOM.
  • Companion PHP and Python scripts are freely available on our GitHub page. There are different scripts for different tasks, for example data parser scripts, database storage and fetch scripts, and even a couple of graphical weather sticker scripts that you can use to show off your current weather conditions in a compact form.

  • Technical support included. If you encounter any issues e-mail us and we'll do our best to solve your problems quickly.
  • Single shot, lifetime license including software updates. No recurring fees, subscription plans or hidden costs. You buy it, you own it!
  • 30-day 100% Money back guarantee! Not happy with our product? Not likely. But if it  truly should not meet your expectations then let us know and we'll tell you how to return the device to us and will reimburse you in full.


  • Fully wireless 2.4 GHz network communications. The only cable required is the power cord.
  • Powered by commonly available 5 Volt, 1 Ampere or more, micro-USB type B power supply. We chose not to include a power supply in order to cut down costs but also because most people today already have one or more unused smartphone or mobile device chargers laying around that can do the job.
  • Simple command line configuration via Telnet client. Basic setup consists of configuring 4 parameters and you're all done.  Advanced configuration options allows you to fine tune different aspects of how ATMOCOM runs.
  • Fail safe over the air firmware updates. If we publish a firmware upgrade for the ATMOCOM microprocessor with feature improvements or bug fixes your can easily instruct your device to download and install this with a button push.


  • Amazing 24/7/365 reliability, ATMOCOM will not fail you. We have taken great care  to ensure that the device is doing what it is supposed to do at all times. Numerous automatic functions will continuously monitor performance and take appropriate action in case something goes wrong.
  • On-board status and network traffic LED light that indicates what the device is doing. Network traffic LED option can be disabled if you prefer to not have ATMOCOM blinking every time it is processing data.
  • Minimal form factor. ATMOCOM is no bigger than a matchbox, does not take up any space and can be stashed away in a corner once you have it configured.
  • A single multifunction button that does different things depending on how you press it.